Using a Shavette: How to Avoid Razor Bumps / Acne

Razor Bumps are the small red marks that often show on your neck the day after you have been shaving. This looks horrible and feels even worse, it feels itchy and could stay for days or weeks if you don’t take care of the bumps.

Razor bumps could also be referred to as Razor Acne or Razor Zits or Pimples. It is the same thing if you think they are caused by your shaving activities.

So, how do we prevent it? Here are some tips.

Good preparation is key. Before you shave you should make sure your razor is clean. Just rinse it thoroughly in hot water after each shave. You also always need to wash your face in hot water before the shaving, preferably also using a shaving oil about five minutes before shaving. Some like to shave in the shower, but that often results in accidental scars if your are not steady on your hand.

Use a single blade razor. This is why the Shavette Razor is so great. By using one of those three or five blade razors you damage the skin three times or five times more than if you are using a single blade. Part of this is because those safety razors often lift up your skin and shave off the hair too close to the skin. This prevents the skin from healing properly and cause ingrown hairs, which is the worst kind of razor bumps.

After you have been shaving you should clean your face in ice cold water. Yes use as cold water as you can stand, the colder the better. This closes the pores in your skin that has been opened by the hot water and makes it less likely that zits occur.

Use a clean towel after each shave. You don’t want to use the same towel for your hands and for your face. You almost always have more bacteria and dirt on your hands and some of it gets stuck on your towels.

Use a good after shave. After you have cleaned your face with ice cold water and dried your face with a clean towel, use a good after shave. I have been using l’Oréal Men’s Expert with good results on days when my skin is extra sensitive.

The tips above is how to prevent the Razor Bumps. If you already have big problems with Razor Burn you are going to love the TEND Skincare product. It removes the itchy feeling and makes sure you get rid of those Razor Bumps pretty quick.

How often should you change razor blades on a Shavette?

That question gets asked a lot by newcomers to the Shavette shaving technique. I am sorry to say, but it is hard to give a good answer. I could give you a number of shaves after which you should change the blade to a brand new razor blade, but that would not hold true. For some people who have thicker beard they should change more often than people with light beard.

For me a blade is good for about 5 to 7 shaves. This goes for both Shavette blades and safety razors. I change the blade whenever I feel that it is getting unsharp. If you clean the blade really good after every shave and prepare your beard with good shaving oil and hot water before shaving it could extend the life of the razor blade with a couple of shaves.

Some people like to change their blades almost after every shave, but some other report that they could use a blade for more than twenty shaves so I guess this is really individual.