Dovo Shavette Review by Thomas B

Thomas Brenton who works as a professional barber just outside Los Angeles sent us this review of the Dovo Shavette:

I work as a barber, and I am used to handling most types of razors, including safety razors, barber knifes and more recently also Dovo Shavette Razors. I really does not matter which Dovo Shavette you are getting as long as it is made by Dovo. I usually buy this one which includes a batch of my favorite blades.

The reason for using the red (or black if you have lighter skin) blade holder is that it becomes very clear when you hold it to your skin, which prevents accidental cutting even in darker rooms.

The razor is easy to handle compared to the heavier barber knife or regular straight razor. It is so light so it follows every move you make with your hands, and as soon as you learn to master it you won’t let it go. It works great to use with either hand, and the blade holder actually serves for protection from deep cuts.

When I do professional shaving I change blades for every new customer. The blade insertion is a simple process that takes less than one minute and this way I can assure my customers that they are getting really great shaves since the blades are always new and sharp. At home I have started using the Dovo Shavette instead of my old Straight Razor. I just prefer the feel of it, but I only change blades once per week (I shave every other day).


Dovo Shavette


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