Should I try a Shavette Razor?

Many people ask me if they should try a Shavette Razor. They have been shaving all their lives with other kind of shaving tools. Most common is a normal Gillette Safety Razor or an Electrical Shaver.

I always give the same recommendation: try it for yourself and see.

If you happen to like it there are two big advantages for you.

  • You will look cool while shaving
  • You will probably save money

The first one is a given. All your buddies will think you are the coolest guy for shaving with something that in their eyes looks like a real barber knife.
The reason you will save money is because of the blades for a Shavette is many times cheaper than Gillette Blades. It is really expensive to be a Gillette guy, but if you can learn how to shave with a Shavette Razor you won’t have to shell out for these expensive blades.

So, go ahead and try it. Amazon has a good deal on a Dovo Shavette Razor with 100 razor blades (yes, one hundred blades) that I’ll think would be a great starting point. Go ahead and buy one today and you’ll see how great it is.


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