How to use a Shavette: Technique

Ok, it is time for your first shave using a Shavette. Congratulations! First, I hope you have followed our starting instructions.

Some expectations before we get started: You will probably cut yourself. That is alright, it probably won’t hurt since we are using a very sharp tool. However, you can be prepared to stop the minor cuts by having a Styptic Pencil ready. This is a little pen-formed utility that you dip in water and apply to any area where you have cut yourself. The bleeding will stop within seconds. I always make sure to have one of these ready, they last forever so I guess you only have to buy one.

Great, now you have the shaving foam applied over your face. We are going to start from the sideburns. Hold the shavette very lightly and at an 30 degree angle from your skin. The higher the angle the higher risk you are running of cutting yourself.

Start from the top and use small light strokes to go down. Your cheeks are the easiest part since they are big and flat compared to the rest of your face. That is why we are starting there. Follow the cheek down to the jawline and move towards your mouth.

Many people prefer shaving in two or more passes. This means you lightly shave your face once, and then apply shaving foam again and shave another time. The second time goes much faster than the first but really gets rid of facial hair that you missed the first time and leaves your face very smooth. This is specially great when you have a lot of beard you are getting rid of after a week without shaving.

It helps to stretch your skin with your free hand. It is much easier to shave stretched skin. I prefer using my right (dominant) hand for shaving my entire face because I am really awful at using my left hand. Some people have a hard time reaching all the spots of their face if the don’t switch hand after a while, but you could do as you wish here.

The mouth area are a bit tricky, so I suggest you leave it until you get better with handling the Shavette Razor. The key there is using really small strokes, stretching the skin and be patient. This is the place where you are most likely to cut yourself.

Here is a good Youtube move on how to use a straight razor. This also applies to shavettes, it is the same technique.


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