Best blades for a Shavette Razor

The Dovo Shavette Razor uses disposable DE blades. DE stands for Double Edged and one blade usually lasts between five and ten shaves depending on the thickness of your beard, how well you have prepared and the quality of the blade.

Remember, double edged blades are blades that you bend and break in the middle and split into two parts. So each blade is actually two blades for your Shavette. This is good news!

I often get the question: Which blades should I buy for my Shavette?

The answer is: it depends. This is a matter of taste, and if you are a beginner it is hard to know what kind of blade you like. Usually i recommend buying a Razor Blade Sample pack from Amazon. For around $15-20 you get around 60 really nice blades for your Shavette Razor. Then you can test them all and bulk up on the one you like most. If you can not feel or see any difference – go for the cheapest.



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