7 Reasons why you should use a Shavette instead of a Gillette

  1. You will look cool. By using a straight razor (Shavette or Barber Knife) you will impress most of your friends and probably also yourself.
  2. You will save money. It is true that you need to buy some new gear when you are just starting out, but in the long term it will definitely save you money since the blades are so much cheaper than for normal safety razors.
  3. It is better for your skin. Three or five blade razors irritate the skin much more and you need to press it hard against your skin to use them. Also, traditional style shavers are often using better skin care products than the average shaver. Your face will thank you later, and probably also all the ladies.
  4. Your shaves will last longer. When I use a normal safety razor I need to shave every day. When using a Shavette Razor my skin only needs to be shaven every other day.
  5. It is relaxing. If you live your life in a constant hurry it can be nice to take a break sometimes. Shaving with a Dovo Shavette Razor takes a little more time, but it is time well spent since you spend it on the most important thing in your life: you.
  6. When you have a lot of beard to shave off it is much easier with a Shavette than a Gillette. The beard gets stuck between the multiple blades of the Gillette and you often get a tugging sensation that irritates you and your skin. With a Shavette you can go much closer to your skin without sticking.
  7. It is more environmental friendly. Think of all the plastic tossed away every month by millions of men. You don’t want to add to that.
Shavette Razor
Dovo Shavette Razor Folded and unfolded


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